Hye-Kyuong Youn(Surrey, BC), 49 years old, cancer
In early July, 2011, Deaconess Youn was diagnosed with intestinal cancer-the cancer spread to her lungs and liver. Before getting a surgery, Deaconess Youn was told to receive chemotherapy in order to reduce tumor size. Deaconess Youn asked the doctor about tumor progression, but the doctor did not answer. Meanwhile, Deaconess Youn had a surgery due to intestinal obstruction. After 2 weeks, Deaconess Youn received chemotherapy. Due to side effects, her hands and face turned black, and wounds did not heal easily. Deaconess Youn started to take SAC calcium since mid-August. Her hands turned normal and granulation tissue formed into wounds and wounds were gradually removed. As her health condition became better, many people said that she did not look like a patient with cancer.
Whenever Deaconess Youn went to receive chemotherapy, the doctor repeatedly asked her what she was taking because she looked very healthy.
In early November, I got a call from Deaconess Youn’s husband, Deacon Lee. He said that the CEA level (392) went down to 97. A translator, who worked for Deaconess Youn for last 10 years, told Deacon Lee that she had never seen a patient like Deaconess Youn.
The doctor repeatedly asked Deaconess Youn what she was taking.
Deaconess Youn said that she felt thankful for recovery. She also said that she was afraid of asking about her health condition before she took SAC calcium, but it is time to ask the doctor about her tumor progression.
I had coffee with Deaconess Youn at the Coquitlam Center. When we went outside, an autumn night got darker with last maple leaf.
In March, 2012, I did not recognize that Deaconess Youn continuously received chemotherapy twelve times. I asked her to take SAC calcium without anti-cancer drugs, but she still got anti-cancer drugs, as well.
Deaconess Youn passed away.


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