Late Linda

Late Linda(Surrey, BC), 42 years old, cancer
In early March 2011, the phone rang. The call came from Presbyter Cho. He asked me to pray for his daughter-in-law, Linda.
I hurriedly packed SAC calcium and went outside. It was a rainy day. I was trying to cross the Port Mann Bridge in a hurry because presbyter Cho waited for me in front of Macdonald in Guilford, Surrey. While walking together to his apartment, we talked about the health condition of Linda. One year ago, she got breast cancer surgery, but on February, the cancer recurred and spread to her liver, lung, bone, and brain.
When we opened the door, Linda greeted us. She looked very sick and her two children quietly read the books. Her mother came to take care of Linda and two children. I held her hands and prayed for her. She was not fluent in Korea, so we talked in English.
I asked her to add SAC calcium to water and informed her of cancer fighting foods.
Before taking calcium, she had slept on the side due to back pain. However, she was able to get a comfortable sleep after taking calcium.
Before taking calcium, she used to wear shoes bigger than her size, due to swollen feet. She said that she could eat often because she got comfortable on the stomach. She was also comfortable in her mind.
I got a call from her in May. She said she was able to exercise for 2 hours a day.
On September, 23th, I got an email from Presbyter Cho before I was about to leave my house for business trip. According to him, Linda’s brain tumor was entirely eliminated and Linda was scheduled to get a mammogram in 2 weeks. I had been waiting for the test result, but I did not get a response from Linda yet. On Monday morning, Linda called me. She repeatedly said thank you for your support. Before taking calcium, she felt her liver was hard when she palpated her liver; however, she felt her liver was soft after taking calcium. She felt she almost recovered from the cancer. On September, 23th, she said that she was able to go shopping and to drop off and pick up children, did some household chores. She went to see her doctor. The doctor said that Linda was healthy enough to get chemotherapy, so the doctor suggested her to participate clinical trial of new medication. On February, 26th, 2012, Presbyter Cho said that Linda was not able to refuse the offer from her doctor. Since February, 26th, I did not hear anything from Presbyter Cho and Linda. In fact, Presbyter Cho felt sorry for me so he did not tell me that Linda’s condition rapidly deteriorated after receiving chemotherapy and she no longer endured chemotherapy.
Linda passed away.

When I attended Linda’s funeral, Linda’s mother held my hands and said that she was regretting to let Linda receive chemotherapy. When I looked at Linda’s corpse, I noticed that her fingernails turned black- side effect of chemotherapy.

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