Elder Cho

Elder Young-Il Cho(Surrey, BC), 68 years old , cancer
In March, 2010, Elder Cho was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he was diagnosed with intestinal cancer and in July, 2010. He received a surgery in August.
In order to remove fecal impaction, the surgeon planned to pull out intestine from the side.
On the day of surgery, I went to Royal Columbia Hospital in New Westminster. It was a beautiful, sunny day. When I arrived at the hospital, Presbyter Cho and his daughter-in-law, Linda went to the hospital a little bit late. While waiting, I held two hands and prayed that please do not pull out intestine from the side. After praying, I went out, but I felt composed.
On the next day, while heading to downtown, I got a call from Presbyter Cho. He said that he let me know the result first….
Before the surgery, the surgeon measured where fecal came out and decided where to make incision on the abdomen. However, while having a surgery, the surgeon removed fecal impaction without pulling out intestine from the side. The surgeon was taken aback.
I said “Hallelujah”.
Since August, Elder Cho took SAC calcium and managed prostate cancer and intestinal cancer, and finally he completely recovered from prostate cancer and intestinal cancer in January, 19th, 2012. He has still taken SAC calcium without any break.
Presbyter Cho has helped my works and prays for me.
CEA 18 10 8.5 5
PSA 18 8.3 4.2 1.5


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