The Most Effective Way to Build Bone Density : Calcium Ions Ionized Calcium Triggers Bone Formation Process Naturally

Calcium Content in Normal Blood

Almost all of your body’s calcium is stored in bone, but the tiny amount that circulates in your bloodstream is disproportionately vital to normal physiology. About half of this circulating calcium (50%) is “ionized,” which means it carries electrical charges.

Ionized calcium (Ca++) is the only physiologically active form that can be recognized by our body and absorbed into our bones by stimulating hormones, which trigger the bone formation process .

Ionized calcium in the blood is so vital that the body cannot permit it to fluctuate. Therefore, even a slight increase in the concentration of ionized calcium in the blood triggers the bone building process to take excess calcium into bones. Utilizing this process is by far the most effective and safe way to build bone density, since it follows the body’s natural bone building mechanism.

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