Popular Osteoporosis Prescription Drugs and their Side Effects

There are two categories of osteoporosis medication: anti-resorptive medications that slow bone loss and anabolic drugs that increase the rate of bone formation. Disrupting essential bone metabolism may lead to serious health hazards, which is why there are so many reports that osteoporosis drugs actually make bones more brittle and that people who are treated with these drugs tend to suffer more bone fractures.*


Ingredient Increases Bone Mass Density (BMD)? Physiological Function Prerequisite Side Effects
Fosamax® Bisphosphonates (Alendronate Sodium) ?% In ? years Retains old bone mass by killing osteoclasts.** Calcium Blood in stool and urine, fatigue, stomach ulcers, nausea, hair loss, headache, blurred vision, heartburn, etc.
Actonel® Bisphosphonates (Risedronate Sodium) No or ? In 5 or 10years Retains old bone mass by killing osteoclasts. Calcium Pain swallowing, back pain, ulcers in stomach esophagus, joint pain, constipation, weight gain, hair loss, etc.
Boniva® Bisphosphonates(Ibandronate Sodium) No or ? In 5 or 10years Retains old bone mass by killing osteoclasts. Calcium Severe pain in bone, joint and muscle, very bad heartburn, difficulty swallowing, diarrhea, chest pain and etc.
Evista® Raloxifene No or ? In 5 or 10years Acts as an estrogen. Calcium Blood clots in the veins, hot flashes, cramps, swelling, sleep difficulty, depression, speech problems, etc.
Forteo® Teriparatide 4% in 24 months. or ? In 5 years Acts as parathyroid. Calcium Causing bone cancer in lab rats, dizziness, leg cramps, chest pain, vomiting, constipation, sluggishness, etc.
Prolia Denosumab ? In 5 years Inactivating osteoclast Calcium an Vitamin D serious allergic reactions,
low blood calcium, severe jaw bone problems,
unusual thigh bone fractures, weakens immune system, serious infections,
skin problems, and severe bone, joint, or muscle pain
Reclast Bisphosphonate(Zoledronic Acid) ? In 5 years Retains old bone mass by killing osteoclasts.** Calcium unusual fractures of the upper femur, unusual ache or pain in your hip or thigh bone
Fortical Calcitonin-Salmon ? In 5 years calcitonin – a polypeptide hormone thyroid gland runny nose, headache, back pain and nosebleed (epistaxis). Injectable calcitonin may cause an allergic reaction and unpleasant side effects including flushing of the face and hands, urinary frequency, nausea and a skin rash. Increases your risk of developing certain types of cancer
ET or HT Hormone Therapy Estrogen Progesterone ? In 10years vaginal bleeding, breast tenderness and gallbladder disease.Endometrial cancer.

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