Osteoporosis Prescription Drugs are More Disappointing!

Physicians typically recommend prescription medications for the treatment of osteoporosis, but these drugs are notorious for their dangerous side effects.

These drugs are designed to “increase” bone density by retaining dead bone mass through the inhibition of osteoclasts, the cells that are responsible for natural bone resorption, which provides calcium for our body’s needs.

Our body takes calcium from bones – even at the risk of bone fractures, because of calcium’s urgent and crucial role in healthy cell replication, neurotransmission, heart functions, and endocrine functions. If our bones don’t provide the required calcium right away, many of our body functions suffer, resulting in serious conditions.

Treated with those drugs, limited space within the bones is taken up by dead or nearly-dead bone mass, preventing new bone mass from being created. As a result, bones become more fragile and vulnerable to fracture!

It won’t be a surprise to see a modest increase in density from bone scans performed on those treated with these drugs, which promotes a false sense of security based on all the useless dead bone mass being counted, preventing patients from seeking alternative treatments until it’s too late.

Bones that are more dense are NOT necessarily better bones.

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